What is ScreenSaver?

ScreenSaver is an easy-to-use 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 2.x and above, written by Siegfried Hanisch.

ScreenSaver is Shareware. The registration fee is 28 US$ (when registering through BMT Micro), or 20.35€ if you are in Europe and make a bank transfer or send cash. Site licences available.

The current release level is 2.6.

Although the program has not been updated for some years now, it is still supported. So, if you have any questions regarding the program or licensing, just send me a mail!

New in v2.6:

  • NUTEK/APMS monitor support
  • new and enhanced modules
  • many minor enhancements and fixes
  • uses OS/2 Warp 4 notebook style
  • tested to run on Warp 4

Features overview:

  • DPMS monitor support
  • password protection
  • OS/2 fullscreen support
  • Win-OS/2 fullscreen support
  • DOS fullscreen support
  • Sound support 96441220216702new.gif
  • Deskpic module support
  • module building toolkit
  • more than 50 modules included
  • English and German version available

More detailed info on ScreenSaver:

  • When ScreenSaver is started, it monitors your keyboard and mouse activity in the background. When a settable timeout expires, it runs one of the various saver modules until the user uses the keyboard or mouse again. ScreenSaver has the advantage of low memory consumption and very low CPU usage - this means virtually no performance impact on your normal work.
  • ScreenSaver has a nice and intuitive user interface.
  • ScreenSaver supports DPMS "Green" monitors.
  • ScreenSaver supports OS/2, DOS and Win-OS/2 fullscreen sessions.
  • ScreenSaver has password protection similar to the OS/2 lockup feature.
  • Sound support through MMPM. You can associate WAVE and MIDI files with various ScreenSaver events. 96441220216702new.gif
  • ScreenSaver has a very modular structure: It searches its directory for saver modules and selects a module randomly when the saver becomes active. Therefore it is very easy to extend ScreenSaver by just copying new saver modules to its directory.
  • It is possible to use Deskpic modules with ScreenSaver. Just copy them to the ScreenSaver directory.
  • Easy network-installation (CID). 96441220216702new.gif
  • Sample source code for do-it-yourself saver modules comes with the distribution.
  • ScreenSaver has been certified by IBM in their "Available and Ready for OS/2" (tm) Certification Program.


You can download a few screenshots of ScreenSaver:

Global Settings screenshot
Module Settings screenshot
Password Settings screenshot
DPMS Settings page 1 screenshot
DPMS Settings page 2 screenshot
DPMS Settings page 3 screenshot
Sound Settings screenshot

Where can I get ScreenSaver?

The latest release of ScreenSaver (currently 2.6, release date October 1996) is available here:

The German version is available here:

Please note that ScreenSaver only runs on the operating system OS/2. It does not run on Win32, Linux or Mac OS X.

Registration of ScreenSaver

  • You can register ScreenSaver online at BMT Micro
  • Click here to go directly to the ScreenSaver Order Form at BMT Micro.
  • Or read the file REGISTER.DOC in the ScreenSaver directory for alternative ways of registration (fax, letter, ...).

Problem fixes:

  • There was a small bug in the DPMS utility of the initial release of version 2.6(the program required an additional keystroke before waking up the monitor). If your dpms.exe file is dated 1996-Oct-14 or newer, you already have the fixed version. If your dpms.exe file is dated 1996-Oct-02, download the file dpms26fx.zip.

Additional modules for download

ScreenSaver support

Send electronic mail to ssaver@hanisch.com