My name is Siegfried Hanisch. I had been working for IBM here in Vienna for more than 22 years. It was time to pass on, so I decided to leave IBM.

This means this page is not current any more and will be deleted soon.




My areas of interest and expertise are, among others:

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Digital Signatures & Trust Centers
  • Hardware Cryptography
  • LDAP Directories
  • Security Topics in general
  • Mobile Communications
  • Banking Industry
  • Public Sector

I am currently in the position of an IT Architect for a number of larger and smaller clients, mainly located here in Vienna/Austria, but also spread across Europe.


I also have a strong background in programming, since I started my carreer as a self-employed software developer, before joining IBM. My areas of special interest are, among others:

  • Java
  • Web Technologies
  • Mac OS X, iOS, AIX and Linux
  • OS/2 software development


Other areas of interest and expertise to mention are:

  • Aviation, especially General Aviation - I have a Private Pilot License with Instrument Rating
  • Modular Synthesizers
  • Piano playing
  • Ham Radio and Morse Code
  • Photography
  • Astronomy
  • Stock and Options Trading - Technical Analysis

My IBM e-mail address is